Johanna Lacy, Principal Solicitor at Johanna Lacy Solicitors, is delighted to announce her professional membership of the National Solicitors Alliance (NSA). Johanna is the first female sole practitioner to achieve this membership in Ireland.

Founded by solicitors Brian Cunneen, Philip Ó’Riada and barrister Martin Canny, the NSA is a select team of small to medium law firms that demonstrate the highest standards of personal service, integrity and excellence.

Johanna Lacy Solicitors and all members of the NSA are committed to better legal safeguards for the public including Enduring Powers of Attorney, Advance Healthcare Directives and public understanding of legal services.

Johanna outlines how the NSA is in keeping with her own approach to law; “I have always believed we should do more, as an industry, to communicate what we do to the public.  It is important we demystify the role of the solicitor and make the profession more accessible. The industry is all about helping people navigate the legal system in Ireland. In the past, it may have seemed intimidating to many clients. Today, solicitors are knowledgeable experts in many fields but are trained to work in partnership with clients rather than talking down to them in legal jargon!”

Johanna Lacy commenced her membership with her involvement in the NSA consumer radio campaign and continues to be a proactive member of the alliance.

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