Residential Properties / Land Transactions

Buying or selling a property can be a stressful undertaking. Johanna leaves no stone unturned, simplifying what can seem like a complicated and lengthy legal procedure. All legal aspects of a sale, purchase or re-mortgage are handled smoothly and efficiently. Johanna’s approach ensures that any potential delays are minimised. She ensures that all relevant documents are obtained, considered and made available to all parties at the earliest opportunity.

An expert in all areas of residential property and land transactions; Johanna can also advise fully on registering rights of way, boundary issues and any other related land/property matters.

  • Selling and buying a residential property

  • Buying a site and building a new property
  • Buying or selling of land
  • Mortgaging property/land
  • Transfer of family farm/property to the next generation (estate planning)
  • Registering a right of way and any related land registry/court applications
  • Boundary clarifications and disputes

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