Litigation / Court Representation

Johanna has extensive experience representing clients in all litigation matters in particular personal injury claims.  Where you have been injured and that injury is as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have grounds to make a claim.

Johanna also represents a number of clients who have had grounds to make medical negligence claims against doctors, hospitals and medical facilities. You may be entitled to make a claim if the treatment you received is considered to have deviated from the accepted medical standard of care, resulting in pain and suffering.

Johanna is also engaged by clients in taking professional negligence claims against professionals including architects, engineers and solicitors. Such professionals owe a duty of care to their clients in terms of the advice they give. If there has been a failing in that duty and this failure has resulted in loss to the client, a claim may be pursued.

Each litigation matter is different and Johanna can advise you on a best course of legal action for your case and guide you through the legal process from start to finish.  It is important you contact Johanna Lacy Solicitors as soon as possible after an accident/injury/incident. Johanna can then record details and provide professional legal advice on the matter, within the time limits prescribed by the Courts.

  • Personal Injury Claims (road traffic, work and public place accidents)
  • Medical Negligence (misdiagnosis, substandard or incorrect care)
  • Professional Negligence (against professionals including solicitors, accountants, architects etc)

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